Double Headed Honda

Posted June 30, 2020


What does it take to win Worst of Show at a Concours d’Lemons? Something like this is a good start. Take two Hondas, join the front ends together, leave the steering and drivetrain for each intact. That way you can drive it in either direction and crab it down the road, whether you want to or not. Worst of Show at the Concours d’Lemons California 2018. Owned by Randy Carlson of Aguanga, CA

Lemony Cars at Scottsdale Auctions 2019

Posted June 9, 2020

The Concours d’Lemons went to the Scottsdale Auctions in 2019 and recorded anything awful, funky or cool. Some of the worst and wacky from Barrett Jackson, Gooding, Russo and Steele.