Virtually Awful Concours d’Lemons Judging

Posted July 30, 2020



What is it like to judge the Virtually Awful Concours d’Lemons? here is a behind the scenes look.

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Judges –
Jello Biafra – Dead Kennedeys lead singer
John Oates – Hall and Oates singer/guitar player
Brian Johnson – AC/DC lead singer
Jason Camisa – Hagerty
Jonathan Stein – Hagerty
Tim Mcnair – World renown detailer
Corky Coker – Honest Charlie Hot Rod Parts
David Wallens – Classic Motorsports Magazine
Richard Griot – Griot’s Garage
McKeel Hagerty – Hagerty
Mike Joy – NASCAR Announcer
Myron Vernis – Car Collector
Brad Phillips – Hagerty
Chris Brewer – Amelia Island Concours
David Lillywhite – Editor, Magneto Magazine
Jonny Lieberman – Motor Trend
Bill Warner – Amelia Island Concours
David Hobbs – Formula 1 Driver
Ray Evernham – NASCAR Crew Chief
Tommy Kendall – Race Driver
Rob Moran – Mercedes Benz USA
Vu Nguyen – Porsche Club of America
Stella Koch – Environmentalist
Scott Hughes – BMW CCA
Tom Cotter – The Barn Find Hunter
Tom Knudsen – Japanese Car Collector
Gayle Brock – BRE Racing
Peter Brock – Legendary car designer, BRE Racing
Lindsey Harrell – Hilton Head Concours
Mark Vargas – Revs Institute
Eric Petersen – Leydon Restorations
Kevin Noel – Concours d’Lemons Down Under
Gregg Park – Car Curator
Jay Lamm – 24Hour of Lemons Chief Perpetrator
JG Pasterjak – Classic Motorsports Magazine

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