2021 Concours d’Lemons Michigan – Pics and Winners

Thunderstorms of near biblical proportions forced the 2021 Concours d’Lemons off the sodden fairways of the Inn at St. John’s in Plymouth, MI and into parking lot behind the hotel, next to the dumpsters, where it really belonged. Crap cans from all over the midwest braved the damp weather and shared their hoopties with the appreciative spectators. The celebrity judges accepted bribes ranging from gas station sourced hors d’eouvres to the finest of Wisconsin Bourbon. Once the judges sobered up, and the results were tabulated, a flim-flam awards ceremony distributed dollar store sourced trophies to the winners. Sponsor eBayMotors provided $100 gift cards to class winners and a $200 gift card to Scott Dolmage of Berkley, MI for his “Worst of Show” winning 1989 Pontiac 6000 STE AWD. The AWD Pontiac is one of only 2000 or so made, one of 10 or so left in the world and is the nicest one in existence. 

The event crew from Hagerty deserve a standing ovation for moving the show on a moment’s notice and making it all possible. As always, the Concours d’Lemons events are inexplicably brought to you by Hagerty, eBayMotors, Griots Garage and Classic Motorsports Magazine

Worst of Show – Scott Dolmage Berkley, MI 1989 Pontiac 6000 STE AWD

Rust Belt American Junk – Ford  – Chris Desmond, Long Island, NY, 1986 Mercury Marquis

Rust Belt American Junk – GM – Eric Gaudos, Hanover Park , IL 1990 Olds Cierra El Camino

Rust Belt American Junk – Other – Jeffery Aldow, Plymouth, MI, 1958 Edsel Corasir

Rust Belt American Junk – Mopar – Bill Jenkins, Harford, PA 1958 Chrysler Saratoga

Rueful Britania – Brock Dittrick, Highland, MI 1960 MG Magnette

Swedish Meetballs – Luke Systma, Grand Rapids, MI – 1979 Volvo 242 GT

Italian –  Kenny  Henja, Buffalo, New York, 1992 Cadillac Allante

Kommunist Kar – William Treob, Royal Oak, MI  1976 Lada 2101 

German – Mike Recker, Plymouth, MI 2004 Volkswagon Golf

Japanese – Ryan Clair, Toledo, OH, 1990 CRX HF

Slightly Better Than a Go Kart – Alex Lebean, Hopkins, MI – 2009 Smart Car

Best Back Seat – Jeff Morey lake Leelanua, MI 1996 Cadillac Hearse