The 2022 Concours d’Lemon Amelia Island took place on the 1st Fairway of the Amelia Island Golf Club, as part of Hagerty‘s Cars and Community a saturday morning prequel to the famed The Amelia concours the following day . The Concours d’Lemons and RadWood were a very popular addition to the sold out Cars and Coffee event. The Concours d’Lemons was situated next to the spectator shuttle bus stop, ensuring the thousands who entered the show started the day off with a smile and possibly a case of tetanus. Participants came from as far away as Austin, TX and Baltimore, MD to join the assemblage of local Floridian automotive atrocities. Worst of Show honors went to Nathan Renstrom and his 1986 Ford NautiTruck. The frankenstein-esque creating is the unholy marriage of an abandoned Ski Nautique boat and a $400 Ford F150, because, Florida. 

The Concours d’Lemons is inexplicably sponsored by these otherwise respectable companies:
Griot’s Garage
Classic Motorsports Magazine

Worst of Show
Nathan Renstrom – Jacksonville, FL –  1986 Ford NautiTruck


Rust Belt American Junk – GM
Best Back Seat

Stephen Spudic – 1996 Geo Metro Truck


Rust Belt American Junk – Ford
Dillon Mathie – Brunswick, GA – 1978 Mercury Grand Marquiss


Rust Belt American Junk – Mopar
Neil Classon – Jacksonville, FL – 1996 Dodge B3500 Van


Rust Belt American Junk – Other
Courtney Rivers – Austin, TX – 1950 Studebaker



Soul Sucking Japanese Appliance
Timothy Davis – Taylors, SC – 1994 Suzuki Joy Pop

Swedish Meatballs
Ken Thompson – Jacksonville, FL -1989 Volvo 240



Der Self-SatisfiedKrauttenWagen
Enrique Martinez – 1979 Mercedes 300D



Needlessly Complex Italian
Howard Stanton  – Winston-Salem, NC – Lamborghini Urraco


Rueful Britannia
Leandra Lynuick – Jacksonville, FL – 1976 MGB


Slightly Better Than a go Kart
Jeff Stoyer – Homossasa, FL –  VW Gomers Pile


Sight For Sour Eyes
John Johnston – 1974 AMC Gremlin


Driving on a Prayer
Dana Hiliker – Ocala, FL –  2002 Honda Rebel