AutoJumble at CDL 2010 Monterey

Translated from the Queen’s English thats a Swap Meet!!

Do you have:
Piles of Pesky Porsche Parts?
Rusty Renault Remnants?
A Clapped out Cooper?

Bring them to the Concours d’LeMons AutoJumble at Toro Park on Aug 14, 2010 and sell them off to those who are much more optimistic about their automotive projects than you are. Clear out the garage and make a few dollars to put towards your next hopeless project.

Spaces are just $40 12×20 space, much cheaper than a divorce.

Are you auditioning for “Hoarders”
Do you think parts in dusty OEM boxes make christmas tree ornaments?
Have 12 non-running projects that need that one unobtainium part?

Then come to The Concours d’LeMons AutoJumble at Monterey and meet other people mad about rusty parts. Just $20 to get in and find the parts you need and get “that damn car’ running, much cheaper than a divorce.

The best part? Your Auto Club gets a FREE AutoJuble space!!! Get your collective crap together and pawn it off on some other marque enthusiast. Recruit more members! Sell your rusty parts, have a good time… all free.

All this and the usual automotive eyesores that you’ve come to expect from the Concours d’LeMons.