200 Races! Watch the Video Recaps from Colorado, NH


24 Hours of Lemons

After nearly 12 years, we finally have eclipsed 200 of these inane 24 Hours of Lemons races. And we suddenly feel old and like we’ve wasted our lives. Nevertheless, because we’re bad at counting, we aren’t quite sure which race was our 200th. Luckily, we had two races on the same October weekend and we’re like threeve percent sure one of them was Race #200. Naturally, we released both video recaps at the same time.

The first of our 200 races was Halloween Hooptiefest at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. We’ve been racing on the road course that uses part of the mile-long NASCAR track for years. We love the place for its quirks and for some of our favorite Lemons cars. And we also might enjoy torturing Red Sox fans a bit.

The same weekend, of course, we held the Get Yer Phil 500. That name celebrates our long-time Lemons Supreme Court Justice, Phil Greden. We ended up with a fantastic race at High Plains and the video captures some classic Judge Phil moments. It also documents one of the most ridiculous carburetor setups we’ve ever seen and one of the most accurate Lemons team names in recent years.

24 Hours of Lemons

While we don’t have 200 video recaps, we have recorded dozens of them. You can watch those and some bonus #LemonsWorld episodes on our YouTube Channel here. Be sure to subscribe!

24 Hours of Lemons


Want to race in Lemons for 2019? We recently added a date at Pittsburgh International Race Complex in April. We also tacked on race weekends in Minnesota and in Kansas for 2019. Get the full race schedule here. And if that’s not enough, click for information on Lemons Rallies or Concours d’Lemons shows.