2021 Lemons Rally: Schedule includes five crapcan rallies

Following the October release of the 2021 24 Hours of Lemons schedule, the slacker-typical Lemons Rally has finally put out its 2021 calendar. Five roadtripping, scavenger-hunt style Rallies will traverse the country, some in familiar old haunts and others in new and exotic locales.

The calendar staples like the Retreat From Moscow and Hell On Wheels California will both return. However, Lemons decided to move the California rally away from the possibility of scorching heat. This comes not because of concerns about 100-degree temps for our drivers but instead because of the ever-present threat of wildfire season.

The Rally returns to Texas for the second time in 2021. The Texas Rattletraps Tour tentatively planns to head deep into West Texas. The remaining two rallies are also likely to include tie-ins to other events in the Pacific Northwest and in the Midwest with the Pacific Northwrecks Rally and the Rust Belt Ramble, respectively.

Here are the dates:

February 2-5: Retreat From Moscow Rally
Scranton (PA) to Birmingham (AL) via Hagerstown (MD), Richmond (VA), Myrtle Beach (SC)

April 30 – May 2: Texas Rattletraps Tour
San Antonio to San Antonio via Abilene and Marfa (tentative)

June 11-13: Pacific Northwrecks Rally
Route TBA

July 23-25: Rust Belt Ramble
Chicago (IL) to Pittsburgh (PA) via Detroit (MI) and Cleveland (OH)

November 5-7: Hell On Wheels California
San Luis Obispo to San Luis Obispo via San Diego and Boulder City (NV)

Register for these events here and click here to see the full 2021 Lemons Rally schedule. Be sure to follow Lemons Rally on Instagram and on Facebook for additional details as they get shorn up. Be sure to check the 24 Hours of Lemons’ 2021 race schedule here.