Autoweek sponsors Michigan race, calls for Pontiac’s Grandest of Prixs

Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Plymouth…fabled magazine wants all of the finest from GM (and Ford and Chrysler) for first Rust Belt GP

Saying they owed a debt of gratitude to rust-caused sepsis for the decision, Autoweek has agreed to sponsor the summer 24 Hours of Lemons race in Michigan. That event, the Rust Belt GP presented by Autoweek, takes place at Gingerman Raceway on June 29-30. And as an awesome bonus, you can get a great deal on becoming an Autoweek subscriber right here.

The new “Rust Belt GP” moniker replaces ever-misunderstood Cure for Gingervitis race name. Racers don’t get dental puns, it turns out, so not only does the Rust Belt GP title ail that, but it also gives us an excuse to lobby for more of the skanked-up American junk that still clatters along with a Rochester carb between Rochester and Rochester.



We’ll have more details on the partnership as we get closer to the Rust Belt GP, but in the meantime, become an Autoweek subscriber, enter the Rust Belt GP by May 4, and keep revving those V6s with the GM Sound of Power.