Barber Race, Retreat From Moscow Rally COVID’d


Lemons is postponing the ‘Shine Country Classic at Barber Motorsports Park and the Retreat From Moscow Lemons Rally. Infections near Barber (whose area also hosts part of the rally) have continued to rise since Thanksgiving and there’s no longer enough time to return to a safe range by race day. The same doctor-developed metrics that let us hold 9 races safely last year make it clear that we shouldn’t hold this one.

We know that the end is in sight. We desperately can’t wait to get there. But until then, Lemons will keep choosing science over crossed fingers and safety over profit. While we know this is not universal in racing, we firmly believe it is right.

Teams entered in Barber will get a separate—probably now even familiar—email with links for their refunds or transfers. We hope to reschedule this race to a time we can run in good conscience. Until then we’re still looking to NOLA, Sebring, Kentucky, and elsewhere to give the same teams a race weekend that isn’t worth dying for.

The Retreat From Moscow Rally will be moved to new dates—December 7-10—with a new itinerary (below). Teams entered in the Rally will also get a separate email with information on their options for entering the new dates, transferring to another rally, or getting a refund.

Retreat From Moscow Rally

Tuesday, DEC 7: Scranton, PA to Hagerstown, MD
Wednesday, DEC 8: Hagerstown, MD to Richmond, VA
Thursday, DEC 9: Richmond, VA to Myrtle Beach, SC
Friday, DEC 10: Myrtle Beach, SC to Braselton, GA/Road Atlanta

Be safe, wash your hands, and we’ll see you at the track soon! If you’re really itchin’ to race, don’t forget to sign up for the Lemons iRacing League and the Kim Harmon iScrotium 500 this Sunday, January 17! And we will continue to stay in touch via Lemons Thursday Therapy and our YouTube Channel!