BLIPSHIFT: Get Lemons Event Shirts and More!

By: Lemons Staff Photo Credits: Lemons Staff
January 10, 2022

Santa Cruz CA–Lemons has just partnered with blipshift to sell swanky swag and unique, one-off, race-specific T-shirts. Now you can be both the weirdo who wears the band’s shirt to the concert and also the weirdo who points to their shirt and says “I WAS THERE, MAN!”

Everyone understands swag, but what the hell is a race-specific T-shirt? Ahead of each 24 Hours of Lemons event, the Lemons blipshift Store will briefly post up a unique commemorative shirt for that race. If you’re entered to drive you’ll get the super-secret invite to order by email, and then blipshift will send you the shirt before race day. Yes, now you can ruin your special commemorative race shirt with brake fluid, cheese grease, and gear oil during the very same race it commemorates!

These one-off, race-specific shirt sales happen for just a few days, and they start a few weeks before each event–so make sure you’re signed up and keep an eye on that (really, just doing its job) spam filter. And in case you’re just never that organized, the Lemons blipshift Store will always carry a rotating selection of favorite shirts years past. Check back often to see what you’re missing (besides brake-fluid, cheese-grease, and gear-oil stains).

Visit the 24 Hours of Lemons’ blipshift partner store here.

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