Deal’s Gap & Lemons Crap: Day 3 of the Retreat From Moscow Rally

The 2020 season-opening Lemons event, the Retreat From Moscow Lemons Rally, rolled into its third day on Thursday, January 30. We covered the first couple days in brief, so get caught up here and here, of course. And you can find more by searching #LemonsRally and @LemonsRally on Instagram. This third route found rally competitors at a favorite place: Deal’s Gap Motorcycle Resort and The Dragon.

The route included many far-flung landmarks, but Deal’s Gap provided the highlight. The Deal’s Gap crew opened their doors for competitors, who hung out for a couple hours. The teams exchanged stories from the road, food, and general joking around. Food and good times were had in abundance. Teams seemed oblivious to the fact that Deal’s Gap lays deep in the mountain forests and far from civilization. And with crappy cars and good people, it’s hard to find a better place for a barbecue.

Deal’s Gap doesn’t exists there for no reason, of course. The resort perches atop The Dragon, an incredibly windy 11-mile section of Route 129 long-popular with motorcyclists. It proves to be a…challenge for most hooptie Lemons Rally entrants. That just makes it more fun for everyone.


The rally checkpoints also included a dozen or so checkpoints on or near the Cherohala Skyway. The Reliance Fly & Tackle shop sits on a gravel mountain road that was—depending heavily on the team’s vehicle of choice—a favorite or a most-reviled section of the route.

That brings us, at last, to the final day of the 2020 Retreat From Moscow Rally. Unlike the previous three Retreats, this one will not head to Paris, Tennessee. Oh no, we have something far more sinister in mind. After three days of winding through extremely rural America, what could be more difficult than finding your heap ensnarled in Atlanta traffic? That’s right, there are two different Eiffel Tower replicas in The Big Peach. It’s a fitting last set of checkpoints on the way to the finish line at Barber Motorsports Park.

Finish at Barber Motorsports Park.


If you’re looking for more weird car content from the Retreat From Moscow, you can find it on Instagram. Just follow @LemonsRally and search #LemonsRally for all the doings. Also, enjoy more photos from Day 3 of the 2020 Retreat From Moscow below: