Depreciation Specials: Chief Perp Drops by VINWiki Car Stories Again

You may recall that Lemons Chief Perp Jay Lamm turned up on VINWiki’s Car Stories early in January to talk about the money-making Lemons Ford Capri. It’s one of so many great Lemons stories and, as it turns out, Jay recorded two Car Stories episodes in that sitting with VINWiki. The second one, aired February 13, covers the “$500 MY ASS” naysayers in Lemons and some of our favorite depreciation specials.

Here is Jay enlightening the world about both the “$500 MY ASS” phrase and demonstrating proper “Racer Outrage” arm movements (aka “Robot Arms”). We still aren’t sure where that comes from. However, our true hope is that it catches on with the bigger world, cars and otherwise. Jay did leave out “Y U RUNE KLASICK” from Lemons’ vocabulary, but maybe he can shoehorn that in next time.

In case you missed the several other Lemons mentions on prio VINWiki Car Stories, we tossed a bunch of them in this Lemons Blog post. Concours d’Lemons Head Gasket Alan Galbraith is a font of automotive (mis)adventure, which he shared with VINWiki. He covers pissing off Cadillac Allante purists (also depreciation, lol), starting the Concours d’Lemons, and even setting an incredibly slow land-speed record.

Lemons Rally regular and self-described Florida Man Donnie Petrunak (second from right, above) also has dropped into the VINWiki studios before. His stories detail assorted bad ideas on the Lemons Rally, having done a handful of them. Pro racer Randy Pobst also mentions Lemons a couple of times in his appearances.

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