Diecast Lemons? Johnny Lightning Offers First in Series of Mini-Crapcans

Santa Cruz CA–Race cars are a pain. You have to garage them, transport them, fix them, hide them from your spouse’s divorce lawyers…it’s awful. Now there’s a better way: 24 Hours of Lemons diecast cars from Johnny Lightning!

Hitting Walmart, Target, Meijer, and other store shelves this Winter, longtime 1/64th pioneer Johnny Lightning’s new lineup turns actual veteran 24 Hours of Lemons race cars into everything the full-scale machinery isn’t: mechanically sound, unlikely to burst into flame, and with no venomous snakes birthing more venomous snakes in the air cleaner.

Fittingly slotted into Johnny Lightning’s “Street Freaks” series, the first 24 Hours of Lemons model is Midwest team Stain Your Lane’s cheetah-print Honda Civic, a suitably disreputable way to kick off the collection. New models will be added regularly so you can quickly fill up your display shelf with motorsport mediocrities. (You’re welcome.)

Remember being a kid and fantasizing over your diecast Ferrari Daytona? Your 1/64th Al Unser Indy 500 winner? Your candy-apple twin-Hemi dragster? Well, that’s not quite how adulthood turned out, is it? Let Johnny Lightning and 24 Hours of Lemons put some actual racing reality into your daydreams.

For more about 24 Hours of Lemons, click here. To find Lemons races near you, go here. And to see non-turrible cars made by Johnny Lightning, go to JohnnyLightning.com