Now: eBay Motors Presents 24 Hours of Lemons!

By: Lemons Staff Photo Credits: Lemons Staff
April 18, 2022

Santa Cruz CA—Heads up, parts shoppers: eBay Motors is now the Official Presenting Sponsor of 24 Hours of Lemons, because of course it is.

Where do more people buy car parts than anywhere else? eBay Motors. Where do more people abuse and completely lack clues about car parts than anywhere else? 24 Hours of Lemons. How could this hookup not happen?

As the (literally) only place to find full-race coilovers for your ’63 Avanti and the (literally) easiest place to find regular bits for your regular car, it’s no surprise eBay Motors is the biggest online auto-parts marketplace in the world. To these folks, powering the $1000 eBay Motors Halloween Meets Gasoline Trophy for the most brilliant theme of the weekend; and tossing free swag to racers at the eBay Motors Morning Drivers Meeting; and helping racers find every part at every hour of every day is just their way of telling Lemons folks they can keep breaking parts like they always do—eBay Motors will always have more.



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Automotive journalist Jay Lamm founded the 24 Hours of Lemons in 2006 to generate affordable, low-pressure racing with an emphasis on fun. Typical race weekends include everything from obscurities like the Humber Super Snipe to highly depreciated Mercedes-Benz S-Class flagships. With more than 9,000 participants in 20 to 25 races annually, Lemons has become the world’s largest endurance racing series. In recent years, the series has added the road-tripping-in-hoopties Lemons Rally and the heap-tastic Concours d’Lemons car shows.



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