Fuel Rules: 2022 Updates for Fueling

By: Lemons Staff Photo Credits: Lemons Staff
May 18, 2022

Hey Lemons racer. Notice that we’ve updated a couple of fueling rules (section 3.3), mostly just making existing rules clearer. The only two substantive differences are:

1. No more funnels—use a hose from the jug like a normal person (see
2. Don’t stack a non-OE filler or exhaust right on top of each other (see 3.9.3).

All the updated language is live now in the Rulebook. On the ground, we’ll just be giving reminders through August 1st of this year so that everybody’s got time to get up to speed.

In other fueling news, ATL has issued a safety recall on its RE 185 “Discriminator” Vent Valve. If you are using this model, it should be returned to ATL immediately. For more info on the exact parts affected and how to return them, check out ATL’s recall info page here.

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