Halloween Meets Gasoline Prize: Cash & Trophy for Stupidity? You Bet.

Santa Cruz CA—Going fast is easy. Making a Toyota into a space shuttle or changing an engine while dressed as a chicken is hard. That’s why for ’22 forward, Lemons is adding a Halloween Meets Gasoline Prize to each race: A trophy + $1000 cash for the team rocking the most excellent theme / costumes / car build all weekend.

The Halloween Meets Gasoline Prize works just like it sounds: Be creative, have fun, make Lemons laugh, and you’re entered. The crapcan-endurance series’ (not very) genius staff of (not terribly) sober judges and (not all that organized) organizers will (in no way scientifically) pick a winner each race, then hand over a G and a trophy at the award ceremony.

Insider tip: Wearing that chicken suit to the award ceremony helps. And the drivers meeting. And the track bathrooms. The motel breakfast buffet wouldn’t hurt either, but that’s up to you.

Not sure if your theme / costume / build concepts are HMG worthy? Just bounce ‘em off Lemons HQ. Ready to win the biggest payout in Lemons despite being a butt-turrible driver? Do an entry today!

Need some inspiration for your Halloween Meets Gasoline Prize? See below for some excellent past examples.