Hella Sweet Lemons Car of the Week: The Ho Ho Ho Racing 1993 Honda Civic

Some Lemons teams get a lot of attention because they build ridiculous stuff, while others catch our eye— not in a good way— because they get a lot of black flags. One team from Des Moines, Iowa, has been competing in the series since 2013, and they’ve managed to stay under the radar for 14 races in seven states: Ho Ho Ho Racing and their 1993 Honda Civic sedan. We think it’s time that Ho Ho Ho got noticed, so their Civic is this week’s Hella Sweet Lemons Car.

Up until this year, the Ho Ho Ho guys have had an affordable and clever way to re-theme their car for every race: buy a bunch of remaindered Christmas wrapping paper in, like, July, and glue it all over the car. Since they race in the Midwest, all of their events take place in spring, summer, or fall— perfect timing for a Christmas theme!

They’ve kept a Home Alone under-theme sort of simmering in the background all this time.

Because it’s a Midwestern car, the wrapping paper did a good job of hiding some of the car’s rust.

Of course, when it rains, big sheets of wrapping paper fall off the car and onto the race track.

After some complaints from track employees, the team finally gave their car a permanent Christmas-themed paint job, complete with candy-cane roll-cage.

So, well done, Ho Ho Ho Racing! We like your low-drama ways and economical car-theming concepts. When you finally get a class win, it will be well-deserved.