Heroic Lemons Buick Reatta and Toyota Supra Exploits Documented in Hella Sweet Comic Book

Pittsburgh super-mechanic Dave Morrow and his merry band of Rust Belt racers have been competing in the 24 Hours of Lemons series since The Lamest Day at Nelson Ledges, nearly ten years ago. With builds such as the incredible Pontiac XP-833 Banshee and staggeringly powerful twin-engined, 1,000-cubic-inch Cadillac Eldorado, not to mention a willingness to do whatever it takes to keep race cars on the track, Morrow and his crew have attained top-tier Legends of Lemons status. All along, many of the team’s racing machines have featured Peanuts themes, and so a very talented artist was persuaded to create a special comic book for the 2012 West Virginia race.

The 2012 Capitol Offense event featured the debut of the first-ever Buick Reatta in the series. We’d been agitating for a Reatta for years, and Morrow’s Auto finally obliged by obtaining one and then ruining upgrading it with a supercharged 3800 engine out of a Buick Park Avenue Ultra. At the same time, the team crafted their much-battered Toyota Supra into a highly credible Pontiac GTO Judge replica, complete with hundreds of pounds of Bondo and a GM V8 swap. The comic book, by genius Pittsburgh artist T. Clayton, explains to the judges just how the two cars were built, with Charlie Brown and, later, Snoopy representing Dave Morrow. Here we go!

So much sweat, and such optimism! We especially enjoyed Pigpen’s Junkyard.

As it turned out, the Rea-Ta-Ta suffered from some reliability problems that race, requiring Dave to add some more scar tissue to his much-abused knuckles.

Then an over-eager racer bashed it into a stone wall after jumping it over Summit Point’s infamous carousel. AUUUUGH!