Holiday Gift Guide: Lemons Gifts That Don’t Suck (Probably)

So you have a friend or family who’s into Lemons and you need to give them a holiday gift. Sure, you could give the standard Lemons gifts like car parts, gift cards for car parts, diecasts of their real cars, pain relievers, and tetanus shots. However, maybe you’d like to take a different tack on the holidays. Never fear, for we are here with our first-ever Lemons Holiday Gift Guide™.

New Driver’s Gear

Maybe your gift recipient’s racing gear has reached its peak stench level, no matter the times it’s been professionally cleaned. You can, of course, visit the Lemons Store for non-stank driver’s suits, helmets, cool suits, neck protection, and gear bags to haul that crisp-linen-fresh gear. We also stock the Lemons Store with radios, driver hydration bladders, and awesome Lemons swag. Alright, we’re done shilling for ourselves.

Junkyard Toolkit

The Lemons racer on your list probably spends some time scavenging parts off forlorn junkyard heaps. While the experienced scrounger probably has their junkyard toolkit together, the budding scrapyard forager might enjoy some help. Lemons’ own Judge Phil has some advice on putting together a cheap junkyard toolbox. Veteran Lemons racer Alex Vendler also offered his take on the junkyard kit.

Heavy-Duty Bins for Organization

If you live with a Lemons racer, you might find yourself overwhelmed in your home with spare parts, tools, and assorted race-weekend sundries. Storage and organization make a huge difference in Lemons racing. That assuages the in-home storage situation, plus well-labeled, heavy-duty bins—with heavy-duty lids are a good idea—ease trackside preparation and repairs.

Photo Gifts of Their Lemons Heap

Did you know that we have a big gallery of race photos? You can order digital copies, prints, and other items like coffee mugs from the Lemons Store. Nothing says “Weird guy in the office” like a mug with your heap on it. OK, now we’re done shilling for ourselves.

A Janky Car to Work On

This is a subject unto itself, but you can find Lemons cars all over the place. Want a fresh Lemons race car build or maybe a Lemons Rally ride? Facebook Marketplace, CraigsList, local classifieds, and just a keen eye as you drive around can help. Want a pre-raced Lemons car? Check the Lemons Forum or the Lemons section of RacingJunk.com.


A Race Weekend With Them

The more, the merrier. As we’ve said in a few places, racing isn’t something reserved just for the Elite Few. Lemons is racing for all idiots. If you’re into giving “experience” gifts, you can either invite friends and family to have Lemons fun or ask to race with your Lemons friends or family. Yeah, it’s a bit odd, but if your holiday talk revolves around your weird hobby, why not share in it? We’ll see you at the track in 2020.