Lemons iRacing: iSuckAtRacing.com through July and August 2020

After what we’d call three “successful” month of iRacing, Lemons will continue its virtual crapcan-dom. July and August will see seven nights of Lemons iRacing. While Lemons returns to real-world races over the coming weeks, Virtual Lemons will go to one night a week.

As always, the 24 Hours of Lemons YouTube Channel and Facebook Page will hold livestreams of the event. Racing takes place and some people talk about the world of Lemons, but it’s nothing too serious. It’s like a pleasant conversation among Lemons people, really.

As always, you can find more information on Lemons iRacing at www.iSuckAtRacing.com.

Lemons iRacing Formats

The race nights will alternate weekly between two-hour endurance races and three sprint races of different formats. As always, we expect ample chaos and crappy driving with Lemons iRacers simply out to have fun.

The Silly Hats Only No Pedal/No Wheel races will return as part of the sprint-night packages. Those feature all competitors operating their virtual heap through some means other than a traditional wheel/pedal setup. That has previous included everything from Playstation controllers to a French horn.

Yes, a French horn was used to control an iRacing car. Strange times, these are.

Other sprint formats will include a grab bag of car classes, rallycross races with inappropriate vehicle choices, and other appropriate idiocy.

Lemons iRacing Schedule

SUN, July 19: Endurance @ Monza (Combined Oval + Grand Prix)
SUN, July 26: League Sprints: No Pedal/No Wheel + Sprints @ Oxford Plains (oval)
SUN, August 2: Endurance @Sonoma
SUN, August 9: No Pedal/No Wheel + Sprints @ Daytona RallyCross Long
SUN, August 16: Endurance @ Lime Rock Park
SUN, August 23: No Pedal/No Wheel + Sprints @ Irwindale Figure-8
SUN, August 30: Endurance @ Barber Motorsports Park