Johnny Lightning Unveils Second Lemons Diecast!

By: Lemons Staff Photo Credits: Johnny Lightning, Lemons Staff
February 9, 2022


Santa Cruz CA–Somehow, the announcement of the first-ever die-cast Lemons racer didn’t cause Johnny Lightning to close up shop and sell its factory to an artisanal candlemaker.

Instead, they’ve announced the second car in the Lemons corner of the Street Freaks series, Thin Blue Swine’s 1986 Ford Thunderbird. Unlike the real thing, the 1/64th version is lightweight, affordable to own, and easily hidden from your family and friends. And it’s even available in your choice of two snazzy colors.

Worldwide supply-chain delays have slowed the arrival of these cars–current estimates put the release of the first two Lemons cars at summer and fall 2022 respectively. But let’s be fair–it ain’t like real Lemons cars are ever ready on time either. 

Stay tuned here for release announcements–all of the Johnny Lightning cars will be available at Walmart, Target, Meijer, and other usual spots. 

Check out the gallery for images of the real and diecast versions of the Thin Blue Swine Ford Thunderbird alongside the first Johnny Lightning Lemons’ release, the Stain your Lane Honda Civic.

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