Lemons Rules: Get the 2019 Rulebook Updates!

By: 24 Hours of Lemons Photo Credits: Murilee Martin, Eric Rood
December 12, 2018

24 Hours of Lemons


As promised in last season’s Rulebook, fire suppression is now mandatory. Everything else that’s been messed with is hygiene. 


24 Hours of Lemons

The official 2019 Lemons Rulebook is up, and not much has changed. Every car needs onboard fire suppression in 2019, but you already knew that. Read the 2018-to-2019 Strike-Thru doc to see every letter and comma that’s changed (There aren’t many). As always, the 24 Hours of Lemons wants passing tech to be painless, so check out the How Not to Fail Tech illustrations. Then first-time teams should flip through the Captain’s Tool Kit to help get to the track..

24 Hours of Lemons

It’s all live now in the updated Official Lemons Rulebook, located as always at https://24hoursoflemons.com/prices-rules/. And the onboard fire suppression rules should mean fewer incidents like the one at the end of the New Hampshire YouTube recap:

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