MG1100: What Is It Anyway? Lemons World, Episode 33

24 Hours of Lemons

Ah, British Leyland. Or was it called BMC at the time? We could look that up, but most sources on the British automaking industry are also of the same quality as the cars themselves. So we’re left wondering what exactly Silversleeves Racing’s MG1100 actually is, besides a 24 Hours of Lemons car. Never fear, for Lemons’ Chief Perp Jay Lamm and Associate Perp Nick Pon have the answers in this episode of Lemons World.

Alright, we’re probably overstating “have the answers,” but at least you’ve no heard Jay’s terrible English accent. You can watch more Lemons World episodes and Lemons race recaps on the 24 Hours of Lemons YouTube Channel. And for good measure, here’s the recap for Smell Like AMC Spirit, the race at The Ridge Motorsports Park where the Silversleeves MG1100 took home the Index of Effluency, Lemons’ top prize.