OkStupid: Find Lemons Teammates Here!

By: Lemons Staff Photo Credits: Lemons Staff
December 8, 2021

Santa Cruz CA–Looking for more barely sociable Lemons teammates? Give OkStupid a shot! Sure, it doesn’t have the spy-satellite tracking of the Facebook Lemons Matchmaker or the Ted Kaczynski rabbitholiness of the Lemons Forum Matchmaker, but it’s our own handmade tool so you just know that it’s flawless technology.

Whether you’re assembling a crack(ed) team of (non)experts for a season title or dipping your first toe into the phthalate-rich gene pool that’s Lemons, you can find new teams and teammates three ways:

(1) Lemons OkStupid Matchmaker: Enter your name and some basic information. Interested team captains get a note. You get into their race car.

(2) Lemons Facebook Matchmaker: Why not search where you’re already wasting your work hours anyway? Teams seeking drivers, drivers seeking teams…just post and get the conversation started.

(3) Lemons Forum Matchmaker: Internet 1.0 fans rejoice: Lemons still has a message board, and it’s still a great place for driver-team hookups and all kinds of guidance.

See the whole 24 Hours of Lemons 21-race schedule right here or the 6-event Lemons Rally schedule right here. Then sign yourself up for OkStupid and get suited up!

Check out photos of teammates in action below.

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