Retreat From Moscow 2020: The Winners

Posted February 13, 2020

We give a rundown of the Retreat From Moscow Lemons Rally winners in 2020. Appalachia presents some awesome roads for cars, crappy or otherwise, turns out.

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10 Years Later: Freezing in South Carolina, 2010

Posted February 5, 2020

We’ve been racing at one of our favorite tracks, Carolina Motorsports Park in South Carolina, since the earliest days of the series; the ninth-ever 24 Hours of Lemons race took place at CMP in July of 2008. We were idiots to race hooptie cars in sweltering South Carolina in midsummer, of course, and so our 2009 CMP races took place in April and September. Those races went so well that Chief Perp Jay Lamm, no doubt recalling idyllic champagne brunches and Southern nights free as a breeze, decided that we’d have three races at CMP in 2010, with the first…

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