Reddit AMA Session, April 27: Heaven Help Us, Lemons HQ Are Taking Questions on Reddit

Since Lemons is not holding any races for a month, we’ve started expanding a bit into the internet. It’s a scary proposition, as we now race virtually with iRacing and host weekly live videos on Facebook. Maybe we’ll expand those offerings, but in the meantime, Lemons staff will host our first Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Reddit. That will take place this coming Monday, April 27, starting around 1 pm ET/10 am PT. We’ll be for a few hours, taking questions Lemons, cars, and more Reddit’s /r/Cars subreddit.

The AMA participants include Chief Perp Jay Lamm, Associate Perp Nick Pon, and Lemons’ Everything Bagel Eric Rood. While we’re still pretty new to this whole Reddit world, there has been an unofficial Lemons subreddit for some time.  Lemons World has also both regularly plumbed the internet’s depths and dwelled in it at various times. The Knoxvegas Lowballers’ Grumpy Cat knockoff of the famous Reddit-sponsored DOGECAR makes for one of our favorite of those.

Where to find the AMA

On Monday,  you will be able to find the AMA post a few minutes before 1 pm ET in the /r/Cars section of Reddit. Just drop in, make an account, and ask us dumb questions. What else are we going to be doing on a Monday morning?

We’ll let /r/Cars moderator verdegrrl—who it turns out was a Lemons racer at the very first two Lemons races in 2006 and 2007—make our initial introduction on Reddit here:

“Bring your friends and race $500 junkers. It will be fun they said. What could possibly go wrong? Join us for an AMA on Apr 27th by the organizers of Lemons racing.

“Eric Rood, Nick Pon, and of course Jay Lamm will be on hand to tell tall tales and and answer your questions. The green flag drops at 1pm ET/10am PST.

“Haven’t heard of this madness? An overview can be found here. The late great automotive journalist Tony Swan loved Lemons racing and wrote about it a number of times. Seem like a good idea? Find out more here.

“On a personal note, several of the moderators of this subreddit have taken part in various Lemons. What that says about our character is open to interpretation.”

See you in that weird corner of the internet. If it goes anything like Lemons iRacing, we’ll probably also crash Reddit’s servers simply with our presence.