Rocky Mountain Breakdown Lemons Rally: What You Need to Know!


We’re coming down to the last few days before our next Lemons Rally, The Rocky Mountain Breakdown, on July 10-12. And for those asking: Yes, we are still planning to do it so long as Colorado stays open. This is, of course, subject to change at any time as nothing is a certainty anymore. However, we’ll keep online registration open through July 8 so you can take time to make the right choice(s) for you and your rally teammates. Below is everything you need to know if you’d like to join The Rocky Mountain Breakdown.

Very Important Thing

If you’re symptomatic of COVID-19, have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, or fall into a high-risk category, stay home! We cannot stress this enough.


Other Very Important Thing: All rally participants must be pre-registered.

We will not allow any additions or substitutions to your car roster after July 8. Get your whole team registered. Since there’s no additional cost for adding teammates on the rally, you have no excuse for failing to do this. Finish up your registration here.


Read On.

(1) The Original Route Has Changed!

Our original published route is simply reversed for this rally. It will now be a full loop from Denver and back to Denver. Instead of going west out of Denver, however, we’re going to go south.. In other words, the planned route is:

July 10: Denver to Basalt/El Jebel.
July 11: Basalt/El Jebel to Craig
July 12: Craig to Denver

We’re sorry for the inconvenience if you had lodging planned, but we’ll explain why shortly.

(2) Rally Registration Site

We will meet in Lot B at Bandimere Speedway (3051 S. Rooney Rd., Morrison CO) beginning at 7 am on July 10 [Lot B is here]. We’ll have you form an orderly queue and register through 9 am. Do not be late. We are most definitely outta there as soon as registration ends.

(3) Follow all COVID-19 state regulations.

We are committed to following ALL COVID-19 recommendations by both the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE) AND the relevant county/municipal regulations. Please familiarize yourself with CDPHE regulations.  You can find updates and full info on the CDPHE site and on the CDPHE Twitter account. In short, expect very little in-person interaction with Lemons staff or other rally members and expect to wear a mask and maintain social distance anywhere outside your vehicle.

(4) Again: Register ALL of your team now.

Make sure your online registration is complete—including all participants who will be in your vehicle—and paid in full no later than July 8. This is an extension of the original deadline because we are not registering in-person participants or late registrations onsite at all. None. Zero. Finish your registration and invite your teammates to sign up here.

(5) Onsite Registration Process

The onsite Registration process will be different than previous rallies. Here’s an overview of the process.

(A) Print out this registration sheet and fill it out BEFORE you arrive.
(B) Print out and sign and bring a blank copy of this waiver (two pages, can be printed double-sided or stapled) for each person and sign it BEFORE you arrive. We’ll have you sign it in person to complete the registration proces.
(C) Bring a one-gallon plastic bag (Like a Zip-Loc bag) with the following: Completed Registration Sheet, your insurance card (Print out a paper copy if it’s normally electronic), and driver’s licenses for everyone who will be driving. We’ll return the latter two things to you.
(D) Bring face coverings for everyone in your vehicle!
(E) Line up or park as directed in Lot B at Bandimere Speedway. Put your plastic bag full of documents under the windshield wipers or somewhere else obvious where it won’t blow away.
(F) A Lemons Rally registration person will review your documents. When everything is good to go, we will  leave your packet with route book, stickers, and wristbands on the hood or under the windshield wipers.
(G) Put your wristbands on (and leave them on all weekend), then read the route book in full before setting off.

(6) Pre-Rally Points Assignment

Points Judging will be done ahead of time via email (Here is an explanation of the points).  Respond to this email or email Eric@24hoursoflemons.com with the information below and we’ll assign you a pre-rally points total. We reserve the right to adjust this point total once we see your rustheap in person during onsite registration.

  • Team Name
  • Your Instagram Account (“@[something]”)
  • Year, Make, Model of your vehicle
  • A short description of your vehicle (Why it’s awesome, where it came from, etc.) + a few photos or a video that sums it up.
(7) Route Differences

Unlike previous Lemons Rallies, we will have no suggested hotel or camping each night. Hotels and campgrounds are at limited capacity, for the most part. As such, find a hotel or campground where you’re comfortable staying.

Likewise, we will have no official mid-day or end-of-day meetups. HOWEVER, you may wish to install a CB radio or the Zello CB/Walkie-Talkie app so you can talk to other Rally vehicles on the route. Company makes things far better.

(8) Visiting Pike’s Peak

Pikes Peak will be one of the first checkpoints and is the primary reason for the route switch. Pikes Peak’s entrance hours are reduced at this time, so get there early in the day Friday, July 10. You can buy advance tickets for entry on July 10 here.

Please be advised, the summit is under construction now, so you won’t be able to drive to the top. A free shuttle can take you from parking lots at Miles 7, 13, or 16. Those shuttles are operating under COVID restrictions, as well, so expect to wear a mask and follow additional COVID protocols. Shuttle information here.

Pikes Peak, of course, incurs an extra fee that is optional. If you’re a local and you’ve been there 100 times, feel free to skip it. And yes, Mt. Evans was also on the original route, but the road to Mt. Evans, is closed for the entire year.

(9) No Official Awards Ceremony

Finally, expect that we won’t have an Official Awards Ceremony at the rally end. The rally’s unofficial end is to take in a movie at The 88 Drive-In in Henderson, Colorado. Again, this is optional. We will have awards of some sort, celebrated online with winner’s trophies mailed directly.

As always, email Eric@24hoursoflemons.com if you have any specific questions and we’ll get you sorted.