Rules Changes 2020: Rookie Drivers Earn Bonus Points

No doubt you’ve been anxiously awaiting that new rule that all 2020 entries must be pre-1980 Peugeots. Sorry, but as awesome as that would be, we in fact have no major 2020 changes! We added a reminder that SA2010 helmets are good until 2021 (Rule 3.B.1) and fleshed out the full-EV regs (Section 3.L). Other than that, there’s only a new benefit for first-timers (and teams who run rookie drivers).


Rookies are the best drivers in Lemons, ie the least likely to total the car as they holler “I GOTS THIS.” In 2020 first-timers are worth even more, with every pre-registered Newbie adding another two points for the team (Rule 5.4.b). Been on the fence about inviting your sister-in-law, UPS driver, and gastroenterologist to join your team? Now they can add more than just cash money and foolhardy innocence.

Why would we do this? It’s pretty simple: Lemons is more fun with more people. Expanding your own personal Lemons Worlds a little makes the bigger Lemons World, well, bigger. This is a one-time points bonus per driver so your new-in-2020 driver doesn’t tack on extra points all year, but we’ve seen Lemons Season Champions decided on a tiebreaker before.

Here’s the new rule for your reading enjoyment:

5.4.b: 2 Points Per Newbie. All first-time Lemons drivers earn an additional 2 National Team Championship points for the team after their first-ever Lemons race start. A “first-time Lemons driver” is an individual who has never been listed as a driver in any car accepted in a previous Lemons race. Subsequent events by this driver do not earn additional Newbie points. Any team caught attempting to game this system will be immediately and painfully disabused of the mistaken belief that they’re clever. We are not screwing around here.

About that last bit: We are pretty dumb at Lemons HQ, but we know some teams will try to exploit this by registering their favorite author, deceased Chicago voters, or pets. Don’t do that.

Get Registered!

We’re just two weeks away from the start of the 2020 season at Barber Motorsports Park. For a couple more days, you can still add a rookie to your roster for the ‘Shine Country Classic. Or you can sign up your points-earnin’ Team O’N00bs for a later race.