Rust Belt GP: It’s On. We’re Racing in Michigan on June 28-29!

Lemons staff have worked with Van Buren County officials and decided that we are going to hold the Rust Belt GP! We’re excited to be back in Michigan at Gingerman Raceway and while we know it’ll be pretty different from previous Lemons races. We know you have been yearning to be back on track in your jankmobiles and we’re eager to race(ish) again.

You can see our general notes on operating under COVID restrictions right here. This lays out the basics: Only registered participants are allowed in the gate, keep to your team for the weekend, maintain social distance/wear a face covering in shared areas, wash your damned hands. All that stuff.

However, you can find some more Gingerman specifics addressed on the event page here and below. We’ll have more information to come so if you’re signed up for the race, expect a flurry of emails over the next couple weeks.


If your team has any outstanding race or license fees, they are due now. The online database will close this coming Wednesday, June 17. All of your payments must be submitted online before then.


All bodies through the gate must be pre-registered online as drivers or crew before the database closes on Wednesday. NO EXCEPTIONS. There will be no on-site spectator ticket sales, no late driver/crew registration, and no team member substitutions on site. If a person’s name is not on the pre-registered list, they will be sent home. That doesn’t mean you can’t bring family and friends–it just means that they all need to be registered on your online roster as crew.


When in public areas (anything outside of your immediate paddock space), you must maintain six feet of social distancing with other participants. Face coverings in public areas are mandatory. Anyone not complying with these rules will be kicked out. Simple as that.


Gate hours will be limited. Nothing too oppressive, but the gate won’t be open 24 hours. Stay tuned for details.

All registration/driver check in will be done at the gate. Just come up to the registration shack (with a mask), and say your name. Again, anyone not on the list will be sent home.

We are still working on the waiver process, stay tuned for details on that.

Drivers must display their street licenses at the gate to get their driver wristband–there is no separate driver check-in. If your street license is expired AND it expired in 2020, it will be accepted. If your license expired before 2020, you’re outta luck.


Please maintain 10 feet of distance between paddock spots. If you can’t park a bus between your paddock spot and the next team’s spot, you’re too close.

Due to the increased spacing between teams, please minimize the space you’re occupying and the number of vehicles that you bring. Extra vehicles will be moved to remote parking if you’re taking up too much space.

Fueling for this race will take place on the hot pits. Hopefully, that will reduce the land rush by the teams that must park immediately adjacent to the pit exit in order to have their E36 immediately break down and finish 87th. You’ll need to shuttle your fuel to/from the hot pits, so bring a cart.


To spread out tech inspection, we will be randomly assigning tech times for each team. Stay tuned for that schedule after the database closes.The tech/BS/penalty process will be slightly modified to reduce personal contact–stay tuned for details on that, too.

For teams planning on bribing the judges, please consider making a donation to Lemons of Love, Alex’s Lemonade Stand, your local food bank, or your charity of choice instead.


Gingerman will be conducting an optional Friday test day. Click here for details.


To read more about our basic strategies for keeping everyone safe during COVID, click here.

Other 2020 Events

We’ve already announced via email that we’re racing at The Ridge Motorsports Park on July 24-26 in Washington. We’re reasonably sure we’ll also be holding the Rocky Mountain Breakdown Rally in Colorado from July 10-12. The rest of the calendar looks good, as well. Expect that most races for the foreseeable future will operate similar COVID restrictions. We’re working hard to keep everyone safe during these events and we can’t wait to see you all from a safe distance.

Got questions about any of this? Email Nick@24hoursoflemons.com or Eric@24hoursoflemons.com.