SA2010 Helmets No Longer Allowed: Pick Up a New Lid!

By: Lemons Staff Photo Credits: Lemons Staff
December 14, 2021

Santa Cruz, CA–We just held the last race of the ‘21 season, so here’s your reminder that SA2010-rated helmets are officially no longer legal. The good news, if you’re pathetically desperate for Xmas ideas, is that shiny (for now) new SA2020 helmets are fully in stock right here, right now at Lemons’ online store.

Helmet certifications are good for 10 years, so replacing that now-banned 2010 unit will buy you a whole ‘nother decade of brain safety and grody head-sweat accumulation. Find your new lid at the link below or anywhere else–just replace those SA2010s today, because starting with the first race next year they’re kaput.


Enjoy a kinda-related-to-helmets gallery below!

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