Sonoma and Road Atlanta COVID’d for December ’20

Due to Covid-19, Lemons’ upcoming races at Sonoma and Road Atlanta have been cancelled.

California and Georgia had largely avoided the worst-to-date spike hitting most of the country, but in a really short time that has changed. Between record new-case numbers in both states and the very likely effects of Thanksgiving travel and gatherings, we just no longer think we can do these two races responsibly.

We’re as bummed out as anyone else, but we still believe safety is paramount. It’s bad enough that you’re already driving a Pinto.

Racers in both events were sent individual emails for getting a refund or transfer, and like the rest of the world now, we do believe maybe the end is in sight. For yourselves, your friends, and your families, keep it on track ’til the checker. This crowd has shown huge patience and perspective over this butt-turrible year, and we all really appreciate it.

Best regards & better times,
Jay Lamm

With any luck whatsoever, we will be able to run our full 2021 Schedule, which you can find here. There are two races again at Sonoma and we will return to Road Atlanta next December. We will also have full Lemons Rally dates soon over on the Lemons Rally site. In the meantime, be sure to follow the 24 Hours of Lemons on YouTube, on Facebook, and on Instagram.