COVID-19 Update, May 6: Thunderhill COVID’d

Well, crap. It’s happened again. We Lemons idiots regret to say the Yokohama Days of Thunderhill race on May 30-31 at Thunderhill has also been COVID’d. We had to make that tough decision knowing that your immune systems have endured decades of hantavirus-laced junkyard scores, huffing strong adhesives, and ingesting a cheese-ball-centric diet. Lemons knows you all are itching to get back racing and to see your friends (from a six or more feet away). We can’t believe we’re even saying this, but we miss the racetrack and all you fools.

What Now?

If you’ve signed up for this race, your team captain will get a separate email from Lemons HQ listing the team’s options. Your whole team can transfer to any other race; or the whole team can request a fee refund; or the whole team can do nothing at all, in which case the team’s entry is automatically moved to the next race we have at this track. Only the team captain can declare this decision, and all decisions apply to the team as a whole.

We’ve been blown away by the number of teams that have moved their fees forward to a new event instead of just backing out. That helps to keep this whole ridiculous show alive, and needs to be recognized! So, everybody whose team moves to another event instead of quitting will get an IN IT FOR THE LONG HAUL patch for their suit and a sticker for their car.

June Races & Rallies

We still have plans to hold our June events as of this moment. Please note that entry fees for the races are due just two weeks before the race start, as well. We are preparing a process that will allow us to evaluate better our ability to host those races and to implement the safest protocols for holding events. Look for more information toward the end of this week about that.

While we’re waiting to get onto the racetrack in real life, make sure you check out the Lemons iRacing League. Virtual racing…who’d have thunk it? But it’s been a lot of fun. You can watch the replays of the iRacing races on our YouTube Channel and get full details on iSuckAtRacing.com.