VINwiki: Chief Perp Tells a Lemony Tale of Accidental Collector Car-ness

Here at Lemons HQ, we aren’t still totally sure what VINwiki does as a company. However, they promote themselves with a daily series of storytelling videos that have developed a huge following. The stories are hit or miss to our palate, but Lemons has featured prominentaly in several of them. And this week, VINwiki creator Ed Bolian landed an interview with Lemons’ own Chief Perp, Jay Lamm.

In this episode, Jay tells the tale of the Casual Racing Society and their (series of) Ford Capri(s). You probably spotted Associate Perp Nick Pon’s article on this in Autoweek. However, if you didn’t, Jay gives a faithful retelling of the events. That includes plenty of classic (i.e. “Butt Turrible”) Lemons YouTube accent work, some robot-arm waving, and more. Turns out, Lemons creator hasn’t lost his auto journalist knack for telling a story. Maybe he’ll even head back to VINwiki sometime to talk about the time he rolled a press car or he bought a $500 Porsche 928.

But Wait, There’s More!

As we mentioned, this is hardly the first time that Lemons has shown up on VINwiki. Did you know that recent Cannonball record-setter Doug Tabbutt won Class B at a Lemons race? His old FERARI Volkswagen Golf (a tribute to Car Bros’ “Enzo’s Dream” video) scored a narrow victory a couple years ago. He talked about that to VINwiki two years ago.

Pro racer Randy Pobst has dropped into Lemons races for almost a decade now, sometimes with his own car and often just jumping into cars when people have open seat time. The number of Lemons cars he’s driven must be over a couple dozen at this point. That includes a stripper-pole-adorned Crown Victoria, the Spirit of Lemons, and Sinical Racing’s V6-powered VW Beetle. The last of those features prominently in his VINwiki Lemons storytelling.

Lemons Rally? Yep, been on VINwiki, too. Donnie from Fail Inc. Motorsports has shown up a few times on VINwiki to talk about various rallies. He rented a series of rental cars (that broke) for the very first Hell On Wheels Rally in 2016. After that, he’s resorted to trading a case of beer for his subsequent Lemons Rally cars.

Finally, Alan Galbraith from Concours d’Lemons also extolled his events’ (lack of) virtues. And, of course, he recounted this epic trolling of the Cadillac Allante owners groups in 2018 by merely inviting them to CdL events. Pro Tip: Allantes are still heavy favorites to win awards at Concours d’Lemons because this is a Long Troll.

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