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Hella Sweet Lemons Car of the Week: The Ho Ho Ho Racing 1993 Honda Civic

Posted October 5, 2019

Some Lemons teams get a lot of attention because they build ridiculous stuff, while others catch our eye— not in a good way— because they get a lot of black flags. One team from Des Moines, Iowa, has been competing in the series since 2013, and they’ve managed to stay under the radar for 14 races in seven states: Ho Ho Ho Racing and their 1993 Honda Civic sedan. We think it’s time that Ho Ho Ho got noticed, so their Civic is this week’s Hella Sweet Lemons Car.

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Hella Sweet Lemons Cars of the Week: Veggie-Oil-Powered Mercedes-Benzes at Altamont 2007

Posted September 10, 2019

Depending on how you count, we’ve had 219 Lemons races since that first one at Altamont Motorsports Park in the fall of 2006, and #220 and #221 will take place this weekend (in Colorado and South Carolina, respectively). With all those great races and all those great cars, you might be surprised to learn that we had our first reclaimed-vegetable-oil-burning diesel race cars at the third race overall: Altamont Fall 2007.

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