Read the, A LOT.


Read the "How Not to Fail Tech" Guide. A lot.


Strip carpet, upholstery, & insulation.
Fix exposed wires, sharp edges, other cockpit hazards.
Add a high-quality rollcage.
  1. Hire a top-quality race or fab shop that truly knows Lemons’ rules.
  2. Fabricate your own–but only if you can do it to fully pro standards.
  3. Consult with another team that’s already solved the same problem.
Add a purpose-built race seat, robustly mounted.
Install non-expired five- or six-point race harnesses.
No oil, fuel, or other fluid lines allowed in cockpit.
Got a T-top or open roof? Get arm restraints.
Mount & correctly wire kill switch in reach of belted driver.
  1. Insulate all hot terminals w/ electrical tape.
  2. Verify engine kills at 3000rpm
  3. Clearly label location on outside of car
Secure battery tightly to car, cover all terminals.
Verify visible, functioning brake light(s).
Thoroughly flush cooling system; refill w/ fresh water only.
Find & fix fluid leaks.
Seal all firewall holes w/ purpose-built grommets, fasteners, or metal sheet.
Clean up ugly wiring, line routing, etc.
Verify exhaust is tight to engine, not leaking between any segments.
Verify exhaust securely mounted at 3 points min using purpose-built hangers.
Make exhaust terminate behind driver and no more than 3 inches from edge of body.
Ensure no leaks in fuel system.
Verify that exhaust won't heat fuel storage, pumps, or lines.
Inspect all fuel lines and fasteners; replace as needed.
Optional: Install fuel cell safely with proper mounts, lines, fittings, and vents..
Tires: Only use DOT-legal, 190 treadwear or higher, sound condition.
Wheels: Ensure good beads and rims, no bends or cracks.
Verify no tire or wheel extends beyond lip of bodywork.
Confirm correct bolt pattern, correct bolts or lugs, properly torqued.