Read the Rules

And read them 5 times

The Offical Rulebook
Read How Not to Fail

Look through the How Not to Fail Tech document and understand all of

How Not To Fail
Strip interior of carpet, sound deadening, and insulation
Make sure there are no sharp edges or foot-catching loops of wiring
Rollcage Installation. See most common options:
  1. Hire a professional racing shop to build a custom cage that meets Lemons specifications.
  2. Contact local Lemons team with *experienced* cage builder and free time.
  3. Build it yourself *if you are an experienced fabricator, a very good welder, and have read the rollcage rules repeatedl
Install racing seat solid to car with seat brace, as necessary
Install non-expired five- or six-point harness
Acquire arm restraints for convertible or T-Top car
Wire up killswitch correctly within reach of both driver and rescue workers.

Clearly label the switch on outside of car and insulate terminals.

Mount battery securely with terminals taped up or insulated.
Retain at least one obvious, brightly visible brake light.

Ideally, have more than one

Add enough exhuast muffling to meet 92 dB @ 50 ft. maximum at wide-open throttle.
Mount exhaust solidly and properly. Tailpipe exits behind driver's seat location
Thoroughly flush radiator and fill cooling system with water only.
Fix fluid leaks.
Seal off any holes in firewall with purpose-built grommets or metal.
Clean up ugly or unsafe wiring, lines, etc
No oil lines in cockpit/cabin.
Ensure no leaks in fuel system.
Inspect exhaust to prevent heating of fuel tank
Inspect all fuel lines and replace if needed. No fuel lines in cockpit/cabin
Optional Install fuel cell safely with proper lines, fittings, and vents.
Tires 190 Treadwear or higher with good tread.