Concours d’Lemons Down Under 2018 – Photos

Despite the best efforts of the Australian authorities, Concours d’Lemons Down Under took place at the Torrens Parade Grounds, in Adelaide, SA on Sept. 29, 2018. This second iteration of the show saw increased participation in nearly every category, with particularly fierce competition for the Kobbled Together Aussie Kangaroo Kart class. In classic Australian fashion when it was all done and dusted, the “winners” and losers congratulated each other and retreated to a pub for a few pints and to watch the Footy Grand Finals. Photos by Symon’s Pics, Cars Around Adelaide and The Concours d’Lemons Head Gasket, Alan Galbraith. Cheers Mate.

Photos by Symon’s Photos, Cars Around Adelaide and Concours d’Lemons Head Gasket, Alan Galbraith

WORST OF SHOW – Ross Smith – Datsun 280C (Japan)


RUST BELT AMERICAN JUNK (USA) – Andy Miller – Ford Country Squire

UNMITIGATED GAUL (France) – Phil Thompson – Renault R8

RUEFUL BRITANNIA (Great Britain) – Gordon Cowley – CowleyFordson Tow Motor

NEEDLESSLY COMPLEX ITALIAN (Italy) – David Nelson – Fiat Topolino

DER SELF-SATISFIED KRAUTTENWAGEN (Germany) – Paul Geiger – Volkswagen Beetle

SOUL-SUCKING JAPANESE APPLIANCE (Japan) – Scott Rankine – Suzuki Mighty Boy

SWEDISH MEATBALLS (Sweden) – Brad Berry – Volvo 242GT

WARSAW PACT (Czech Republic) – Tyson Boyce – Skoda Rapide

KOBBLED TOGETHER AUSSIE KANGAROO KARTS (Australia) – Jodie Murrin – Holden Camira