Concours d’Lemons California 2019 – Photos and “Winners”

Despite cease and desist orders and advice from council the Concours d’Lemons returned to Monterey Auto Week for the 10th oil dripping year. The worst that the automotive world has to offer took to the verdant goose poop fertilized field at Seaside City Hall, in Seaside, CA. Our celebrity judges, included  automotive legend Peter Brock, publisher of AutoWeek Rory Carroll, TV host Wayne Carini and whoever else was dumb enough to sign up. Bribes were offered to the judges by participants hopeful of receiving one of the famous thrift store sourced trophies.  Once everyone sobered up, the results were tabulated and the flim flam awards ceremony took place. Mike Garrett had found the poorly designed Ferrari replica in a field, crowdsourced the funding to get it running, then registered it in every Monterey Auto Week event as a real Ferrari Enzo. For that, he and The Car Bros took home Worst of Show honors with their 2003 FIERRI ENSO/1986 Pontiac Fiero. Meguiar’s kicked in an ultimate polishing kit for their efforts. As always this whole debacle was sponsored by our good friends at Hagerty and Classic Motorsports Magazine

Worst of Show – Mike Garrettt Fresno, CA.  2003 FIERRI ENSO (1986 Pontiac Fiero)

Rust Belt American Junk – Ford – 1961 Mercury Comet – Steve Moulton Pacific Grove, CA

Rust Belt American Junk – GM – 1927 Chevy 1 Ton Truck Dean Meltz  San Leandro, CA

Rust Belt American Junk – Other –  1949 Studebaker Steve Hedke Santa Clarita, CA

Rust Belt American Junk – Mopar – 1955 Desoto Jen Steele Marysville, WA
Deep Water Horizon Memorial Environmental Disaster Award – 1955 Desoto Jen Steele Marysville, WA


Soul Sucking Japanese Appliance – 1988 Toyota Landcruiser Ben Ellsworth DelRey Oaks, CA


Der-SelfSatisfiedKrautenWagen – 1973 Electric VW Thing Sean Potter San Marcos, CA

Swedish Meatballs – 1979 Volvo 244 Tony Bird Monterey, CA

Unmitigated Gaul – 1961 Panhard Pl17 Ken Nelson Palo Alto, CA

Rueful Britannia – 1970 Triumph GT6 Miles Cambell Woodland, CA

Kommunist Kars – 2016 Xiashudi Steve Mandel Claremont, CA

Needlessly Complex Italian – 1958 Lancia Flaminia Chuck Forward Altadena, CA

Best Back Seat – 1988 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser Wagon Ross Harris Palm Springs, CA

Slightly Better Than a Go Kart – 1959 Onan Cycle Car Bill Hill, Roseville, CA
Most Dangerous – 1959 Onan Cycle Car Bill Hill, Roseville, CA

Chronic Dick Teague Syndrome – 1974 Gremlin John Johnston Aptos, CA

Dedication to the Cause – 1949 Packard Jim Callahan Oakland, CA

Major Award – 1926 Bentley Frank&Leah Gabrielli Danville, CA

Sight for Sour Eyes – 1960 Edsel Wagon Mike Williams Orcutt, CA