Concours d’Lemons DownUnder 2019 – Photos and “Winners”

Despite the best efforts of the Borders and Immigration Dept the Concours d’Lemons returned to Australia for the 3rd oil dripping year. The worst that the automotive world has to offer took to the gorgeous and historic Torrens Parade Grounds in downtown Adelaide, South Australia . Shannons’ Insurance showed up with their big rig filled with racing simulators, while vendors had good food and automobilia on offer for the crowds.  The owner of the Reliant Rialto that took home “Worst of Show” honor wished to remain anonymous, lest the world know his shame of owning such a terrible car. 

DER SELF-SATISFIED KRAUTTEN WAGEN (Germany) – Nick Mebberson – Volkswagen Beetle
KOBBLED TOGETHER AUSSIE KANGAROO KARTS (Australia) – Ian Wilson – Lightburn Zeta
LAST NIGHT’S LEFTOVERS (Japan) – Lynn Dawes – Honda Acty
NEEDLESSLY COMPLEX ITALIAN (Italy) – Angelo Rizzo – Lancia Delta
RUEFUL BRITANNIA (Great Britain) – Gordon Cowley – Ford Prefect Van
RUST BELT AMERICAN JUNK (USA) – Andy Miller – Chevrolet Wagon
SOUL-SUCKING JAPANESE APPLIANCE (Japan) – Dave Carey – Isuzu Bellett
SWEDISH MEATBALLS, PRE ’74 (Sweden) – Symon Williamson – Volvo 240
TWO-WHEEL TERROR (Great Britain) – Rod Bailey – Humber Olympia Tandem
UNMITIGATED GAUL (France) – Wish We Knew – Citroen D21
WONDERS OF THE KOREAN PENINSULA (Korea) – Hugh Mortimer – Hyundai POS
WTF?? (USA) – Nick Macjen – Cadillac Coupe Deville
WORST OF SHOW (Great Britain) – Anonymous – Reliant Rialto