Concours d’Lemons Florida 2020 – Pictures and Video

The Concours d’Lemons Florida 2020 took place on March 7, just down the road and the day before the Amelia Island Concours. “We had hoped to hold the event on the green on Saturday at the Amelia Island Concours location, but out of concern not for Corona Virus, but rather Corolla Virus and Tetanus we self quarantined the world’s leading hooptie car concours to an empty lot out by the airport,” commented Concours d’Lemons self proclaimed Head Gasket, Alan Galbraith. The fear of rust induced infection did not deter a record crowd of participants and spectators from attending the crap car showcase. “I figured if I survived the drive here in this pile of junk, nothing could hurt me,” quipped one participant getting out of a VW Bus so rusty one could see the road through the floorboards. Hagerty Insurance was on hand to offer all road side assistance packages should any of the cars in vulnerable condition fall ill on the drive home.  Griot’s Garage offered all samples of their car hygiene products designed to stave off tetanus causing rust formation. Classic Motorsports Magazine offered issues of their magazine filled with how to articles on keeping your classic, or hooptie, in good health. 
Worst of Show honors were taken home by Gregory Mason of Jacksonville, FL for showing his rare 5 speed equipped 1986 Cadillac Cimarron, one of only four produced that year. The bad(ge) engineered Cimarron commanded a $5000 premium over the similarly equipped Chevy Cavalier on which it was based. In 1986 only four manual Cimarron’s were produced and denying explanation, Gregory Mason’s survived in fairly good shape to be displayed to the astonishment of judges and spectators alike. 

Worst of Show – Gregory Mason Jacksonville Florida 1986 Cadillac Cimarron 5 Speed

Driving on a Prayer – Michael Shore, Amelia Island, Florida 1972 VW Bug
Best Back Seat – Mike Domke, Tampa, FL 1976 Oldsmobile Cutlas Supreme Cruiser

Slightly Better Than a Go-Kart – Jeff Lane, Memphis, TN 1952 Kleinschnittger


Participation Award – Charles Dulisnky, Orange Park, FL 1991 Honda Civic


Sight for Sour Eyes – Dillon Mathis Atlanta, GA 1978 Mercury Grand Marquis


Der-SelfSatisfiedKrautenWagen – Chris McComas, Fernandina Beach, FL 1976 VW Bus Camper


Unmitigated Gaul – Mark Lizewskie, Harrisburg, PA 2008 Smart FourTwo


Rueful Britannia – Susan Taylor, Fernandina Beach, FL 1961 Triumph TR3

SoulSucking Japanese Appliance – Celesta Bose’s La Cañada, CA 1971 Honda Vanos

Kommunist Kar – JR Frey, Lakewood Beach, FL 1990 Yugo Convertible

Rust Belt American Junk (Ford) – Scott Ingelis, Fernandina Beach, FL 1931 Model A

Rust Belt American Junk (GM) – Steve Spudic Jacksonville, FL 1995 Geo Metro Pick-up

Rust Belt American Junk (Mopar) – Roger McDaniels, Raleigh, NC 1981 Jet Electrica 007