Ill-advised Tour of US in 1919 Franklin now slightly less stupid

Undeterred by logic, reason or summertime average high temperature charts, Jim Eby still plans to drive his 1919 Franklin to the remaining Concours d’Lemons events in the US. But thanks to FAST Cooling, the premier brand for driver cooling systems, the whole plan just got slightly less stupid. FAST Cooling has stepped up and provided Jim with a FAST Cool Suit System so he doesn’t get heat stroke somewhere along the route.

Jill Swanson from FAST Cooling said, “Jim’s route takes him and the Franklin through the desert southwest in late August where average daytime highs hit over 100 degrees. The air cooled Franklin engine can handle the heat, but we weren’t so sure about Jim. Our FAST Cool Suit System is equipped with over 50 feet of tubing to circulate chilled water next to the body, keeping the drivers core temperate down.”

If you have as little common sense as Jim and insist on driving around in a hot car during summer, buy yourself a FAST Cool Suit System. It makes showcasing your mediocre driving skills in some hopeless racing series or touring the country in a 99 year old open car slightly less stupid and infinitely more comfortable. Just ask Jim’s relatives in the photo attached. They crossed the US in the very same Franklin in the 20’s, without the benefit of a FAST Cool Suit.