Event Details

High Plains Raceway, Deer Trail CO

Sep 12 - Sep 13, 2020 / Entry Deadline: July 18, 2020
High Plains Drifter (Full 24 Hrs)

Schedule & Info

Schedule & Info


During Covid, walk-up spectators, late registration, and late substitutions are not permitted. Everyone through the gate--drivers, crew, family, friends, kids, whatever--must be pre-registered as drivers or crew before the online reg database closes (10 days before the race). Pre-registered crew members are $75; we realize that's steep for kids, but this helps us limit bodies onsite to essential team members and streamline the check-in process. We hope to be back to normal soon!

•All drivers must watch the Virtual Drivers Meeting before the race. Questions can be emailed to eric@24hoursoflemons.com or nick@24hoursoflemons.com. There will be no in-person drivers meeting.  
•Lemons first-times must also watch the Virtual Rookie Meeting before arrival. 
•All drivers are responsible for knowing all info shared in the meeting(s). 

This is a full 24-hour race, with an optional 12-hour "sprint" for the lazy. Whichever option you choose, lights are required. For more details, see further below. 

Thursday, 10 September 2020
4pm: Gates Open
TBA: Online drivers meeting on the official Lemons YouTube Channel
10pm: Gates Close (No Entry Without Wristband)

Friday, 11 September 2020
7am: Gates Open
Noon - 5pm: Gear Tech
Noon - 5 pm: BS Tech - Teams are assigned specific tech times; your team's tech time can be found here. Your captain will also receive the schedule on paper at check-in.
Noon - 5pm and 6pm - 10pm Optional track testing. Track testing is run separately by the track. To sign up or get details go here: https://highplainsraceway.motorsportreg.com/events/cars-open-lapping-september-11-high-plains-raceway-506525
10pm: Gates Close (No Entry Without Wristband)
Saturday, 12 September 2020
7am: Gates Open
11:30am: Grid time--show up soon!
12pm: Race start
12am: Checker for 12-Hour Race (24-hour keeps running)
Sunday, 13 September 2020
12pm: Checker for 24-Hour Race
12:30pm: Awards Ceremony for 24-Hour Race
6pm: Gates close

•Maintain six feet of social distance at all times
•Wear face coverings at all times--bring a mask
•Stay home if you have symptoms
•Tell Lemons officials immediately if you have symptoms on site. 

•All check-in is done at the gate. Bring a valid ID, mask, and your own pen. •Anyone not on the pre-registered list will be sent away. 
•You must sign Lemons' waivers before entering. 
•Drivers must show a valid street license; licenses that expired in 2020 are currently acceptable. 

•Keep 10' of space (the width of a city bus) between all paddock spots. 
•Please don't bring extra vehicles--we can't waste the paddock space!
•The timing tower is off limits--please keep out. 
•As a 24-hour race, camping is automatically added to each team's entry. Spots are first-come, first-served. 

•Your team's BS/Car Tech time will be assigned. Captains receive the assigned time pre-race by email, and on paper at check-in.  
•Only one team member takes the car through BS/Car Tech. Everyone else, please stay in your paddock space. 
•Complete your tech sheet BEFORE coming to BS/Car Tech. Place the completed Tech Sheet in the passenger footwell before getting in line. 

•BS happens first. Arrive with your hood open so the judges can admire your cheaty engine. 
•Sorry, no BS bribing; consider an online donation to Lemons of Love instead. 

•After BS, follow the line to Car Tech. 
•After the brake-light and kill-switch test, exit the car, leaving the Tech Sheet behind. 
•When finished, we'll drop a packet including your Tech OK sticker, rental transponder, and other crap onto the driver's seat. That's it--you're finished!
•The last hour of tech is for missed slots and re-techs. 

•Gear Tech times are listed in the schedule above. 
•Gear Tech is first-come, first-served. 
Wear your full safety gear, including head-and-neck restraint, to gear tech. Helmet can be off, so be masked. 

•Fueling will be in the hot pits (and track pumps if available). No fueling in your paddock space during the race. 
•Everyone in the fueling area must be in full safety gear. 
•Bring your supplies up, fuel the car, and take it all away. No staging of fuel or gear. 
•There are no assigned hot-pit spots.
•Don't park support vehicles near the fuel area. 
•Kill switch off; no one in car; drip pan in place; and a dedicated extinguisher person are all mandatory while fueling. 
•Only fueling, driver change, and cool-suit ice changes allowed in the hot pit. For everything else (windshield cleaning, tire pressure, fluid checks, engine swaps) go to the paddock. 
•Full gear not required at track pumps, but no one can be in the car and the kill switch must be off. 

•Winners take a post-race parade lap through the paddock. We'll grab you at track exit if you're one of the chosen. 
•For 12-hour-race award info, see below. 

•This is a night race on an unlit track. Each team must provide its own illumination.
•While good-quality, properly aimed OE headlights are generally up to this task, aftermarket lights are legal. DON'T OVERTHINK IT: A small number of high-quality, properly mounted, correctly aimed headlights or driving lights is much more effective than a large number of crappy add-ons.
•During daylight hours, forward lights may be removed.
•Lights, mounts, switches, wiring, etc DO NOT count towards the $500 total.
•From dusk to dawn, all cars must have at least two working headlights, one working taillight, and one working brake light. Multifilament tail/brake lights are acceptable.
•The center of all lights must be no higher than 6" above the hoodline; roof-mounted lights not allowed.
•There is no limit on number of lights. However, lights must not be unduly dazzling or distracting to others.
•If we deem your lights overly dazzling, too dim, badly aimed, or problematic in any other way, you can be black-flagged. Don't screw around.

•Don't want to be racing at 4am? That's 'cause you're smart. For you, the 12-hour race-within-a-race starts at the same time as the 24 but ends 12 hours sooner.
•The 12-hour race is scored separately. You will declare which race you're in at the end of Tech Inspection.
•Midstream changes are not allowed--in other words, no mulligans if you chose to compete in the 24 but your car craps out right after the 12.
•If you choose the 12 and your car doesn't crap out, congrats--but get off the track anyway.
•Trophies will be issued to the class winners of the 12-hour race, but other awards and prize money are reserved for the 24-hour racers. 

Pits and Paddock

Pits and Paddock

Test Day registration Link:

Overnight Camping: Yes (No Fee)
No firearms or fireworks
No "razor"-type scooters
BBQs: Allowed
Running Water: None--BRING YOUR OWN WATER!
Bathrooms: Porta-Poos throughout the paddock
Electrical Hookups: Rented by HPR--call the track directly at 303-769-4771 
Fuel Sold Onsite: 91-octane minimum

U of C Hospital, 1963 N. Quenten St., Aurora, CO 720.848.3000