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Aug 11-Aug 12, 2018 | Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park, Thompson CT

GP du Lac Chargoggagogg(etcetera)

Entry Deadline: June 16, 2018


Thursday, 9, August 2018
Due to another event, there is NO Thursday arrival for this event. DO NOT ARRIVE ON THURSDAY.

Friday, 10 August 2018
7:30am: Gates open
10am-5pm: Thompson hosted track testing. Cost: $200 for teams registered in advance, and $250 on site. Click the test signup link on Thompson's site here to register in advance.
Noon-5pm: Mandatory Friday tech inspection. Every car and at least one driver per team must be present for Friday tech. No Saturday tech will be offered.
5:15pm: Rookie Meeting in the Lemons Tech/Penalty area of the garages.

Saturday, 11 August 2018
7:30am: Gates open
8am: Corner worker meeting
8am: Mandatory drivers' meeting
9am-6:30pm: Race Session I

Sunday, 12 August 2018
11:15am: Drivers' meeting
Noon-5pm: Race Session II
5:30pm: Awards Ceremony

Spectator Tickets

All-Access Spectator Passes
At the gateKids Free

Pits and Paddock

Parking: This is a large event and Thompson is relatively limited on space. To make sure there's enough room for everyone, consolidate your vehicles as much as possible. In the paddock, teams will be limited to a 20x40' area--we use spaces this size all the time, and it's plenty for an RV, your race car, and a tow or support vehicle. Anything that doesn't fit into that space will be directed to remote parking.

Overnight camping: Yes - Click the camping link on your Lemons online team registration page on the Lemons website (not the track link below garage rental on Thompson's own website). If you do buy camping directly from the track's website you'll be paying twice.

Pit-vehicle restrictions: Except for street vehicles coming to or leaving the facility, no motorized vehicles may be used on track property from one hour after the checker/on track running until sunrise. No firearms or fireworks may be used on track property. No "razor"-type scooters, skates, skateboards and motorized mini-bikes allowed in the paddock. Non-golf cart personal paddock vehicles (ATV's) are allowed in the paddock only. Golf carts may be operated anywhere on the facility.
Pit assignments: Be prepared to wedge your stuff into a 20' X40' box

Speed limit in the paddock area is 10MPH. Access Road speed limit is 20MPH. Speed limit on hot pit lane is 30MPH.

Garages: There are 24 Garage spaces available: Rent directly from the track on Thompson's website - Signup link on Thompson website. Fueling is not permitted in the garages, nor is the storage of fuel. Fuel jugs must be stored outside, full or empty.
BBQs allowed: Small home grills / gas grills OK in paddock if operated safely.
Water & bathrooms: Yes.
Electrical hookups: None
Quiet hours: 10pm-7am
Kids under 16 must be accompanied by an adult in the paddock. And no (under 16) golf cart driving.
Pets: Must be leashed and cleaned up after.
Fuel sold on site: 93, 98 unleaded and 110, 112 leaded.
No GO PRO's mounted to helmets -  track rule.
Jacking cars on TMSP's asphalt:  Metal or wood must be placed underneath jack/jackstands.


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