Know what you're getting into.

Read the WTF page here or the rulebook below.

Estimate a rough cost of building the cost
How Not To Fail
Decide which race to run

Check out our schedule here

Recruit some like-minded idiots to join your team. Bring them up to speed on the important details of prep and cost.

Wrangling your teammates to make sure they’re signed up properly online is one of, if not the most challenging things in Lemons. When assembling your team, give yourself plenty of time to herd your teammates through the online signup process. Online signup takes 5 minutes–convincing your guys to sit down and actually do it may take much longer. Don’t wait until the last minute to finalize your online registration!

Find out the entry deadline for the race you want to run.
Read the registration help page and familiarize yourself with the process.
Create / log in to your online account.
Submit the team application before the entry deadline.
Send online invitations to team members.
Collect entry fees from team members, or instruct team members to submit fees directly online.
Six weeks before race, confirm all fees paid
Two weeks before race--very last chance to confirm all team members are registered.
Two weeks before race--very last chance to confirm all drivers have purchased a Lemons license
Three weeks before race, review online Team Entry Page and make sure all roster details, payments, and licenses are completed.
Two weeks before race--f there are any problems with your online registration, email Lemons HQ immediately