The Road Mangler Cup

Announcing Lemons’ own private-label comp tire: the Lemons Road Mangler LM!

Okay, it’s really just a tire decal you slap onto your own Yokohamas–but those decals automatically enter you in the Road Mangler Cup, where winning is so simple even a Lemons team can do it. 1) Run Yokohamas in Lemons. 2) Sticker them Road Mangler. 3) That’s it: Somebody’s gonna win free rubber or $500 cash at that race–why not you?

Can’t believe it’s that easy to win tires or cash? Well, actually…it kinda is. Read on.

1: Run Yokohamas on your heap.

Yokohama even has a 24 Hours of Lemons landing page here with exact tire recommendations. Buy some. Put ’em on. Keep your receipt (digital or physical) someplace handy in case anyone asks.

2: Add ROAD MANGLER tire stickers.

A stack of swanky (not really) Road Mangler LM decals will be waiting at tech. Grab four and install them on your Yokohama tires before you roll through. (Don’t cover the actual Yokohama branding–we don’t want any Pyonggyang/Revanchist Asphalt Burglar XRs hiding under the decals.)

3. Race on them mofos!

We’re wise to you, cheaturz. Teching on ROAD MANGLERS and then switching to something else is an auto DQ. Yes, we will catch you: So just race on your ROAD MANGLER LMs and be awesome!

4. Win the ROAD MANGLER Cup!

Do you have to finish first? Do you have to finish at all?

Hell no! We’ve seen what that kind of stress does to a brain…. Just run your Yokohama Road Mangler LMs whenever you’re out there, and you’re automatically entered in the Award Ceremony’s random drawing for ROAD MANGLER CUP domination. MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN!

So…what is this prize of which you speak so highly?

You’re not just in it for the glory? Okay, fine:

(1) One (1) free set of Yokohama tires, or…
(2) $500 cash (not even “$500 my ass”), or…
(3) A team tomato-juice bath with Jay in the bed of a 1987 Dodge D350 (must supply own Dodge D350)

When does all this start? I bet I missed out already.

The ROAD MANGLER CUP starts in May ’21 with the Yokohama Southern Discomfort at Sebring International Raceway. In other words, it’s already started.

How many races will feature the ROAD MANGLER CUP?

All of them, or at least until Yokohama wises up. So order your Yokohamas now–if your car is the only one running ROAD MANGLER LMs, you just can’t lose. Unless you leave before the Awards Ceremony. And then, we don’t know, probably Nick gets them. We haven’t thought that far out yet.

Is this for real? Yokohama really is letting you do this?

Shockingly, yes. You will notice the absence of their logo on the ROAD MANGLER LM decals. That’s by design, as we understand it.

I have questions. Many questions.

No doubt. Email with your questions about this or any of life’s bigger questions.