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Team Farfrumwinnin
Team Pro Crash Duh Nation
Elmo’s I Scream Wagon
Low-T Sewing Circle & Book Club
Overengineer'd Racing
the usual suspects
Schumacher Taxi Service:My Little Ponycar
Booby Prize Racing
Interceptor Motorsports
Cannibal Cafe Racing
Brooklyn Bomb Squad
Old Guys with Angry Wives
Wiley's Coyotes
Fast Al's Race Team
Matt Ferenchak Motorsport (Silent But Deadly Racing)
Business Ethics Racing
Philthy Motorsports
MBTL Racing

Drivers: east

Autumn Beck0
Emanuel Kotzias
Thomas Lomino
Gregory Seferian
Christopher Egan
Rob Keller
Jeff Avril
Dave Morrow
Patrick Kehoe
Paul Goebel
Andy Sarkozi
Vincent Keene
Chris Haase
Matt Ferenchak
John De Planque
Jason Ensell
Christopher Blizzard
Chris Talkowski
Chris Overzet
Josh Johnson