Concours d’Lemons Florida: Reserve Your Show Spot, Be Internet-Notorious

Concours d'Lemons

The Concours d’Lemons is back to ruin the Amelia Island Concours weekend for a second time! The finest hoopties from all over the south east will show up on March 7, 2020 at 3955 Amelia Island Pkwy, Amelia Island, FL to compete for laughs and our famous thrift-store-sourced trophies (above). Bring your crap can to the show, tell your screwball friends to bring their rust bucket. It is free to spectate and participate. That way, everyone gets what they pay for (or perhaps a little less).

Wondering what this mish-mash of automotive trash looks like? Concours d’Lemons’ sponsor Hagerty gave a video walk-through of the inaugural 2019 show at Amelia Island. The Lemons shows make a delightful, attainable contrast to the high-dollar glamour of Amelia Island’s featured shows. Check out more highlights from that show last year.

The thrift-store trophy packages come with Lemons-grade names. Worst In Show is top—or possibly bottom—honors at a Cd’L show. A lemon-yellow Edsel Corsair took that trophy from Cd’L Amelia last year. Other trophies come with more clever titles like “Soul Sucking Japanese Appliance,” “Rust Belt American Junk,” “Rueful Britannia,” and “Chronic Dick Teague Syndrome” (worst AMC). None of them come with prize money or anything else, for that matter, except notoriety and probably a stack of notices from the homeowners’ association.

Concours d’Lemons Florida kicks off the 2020 crappy-car-show season on March 7. You sign up (for free!) to enter that show right here. If you can’t make it to Amelia Island in March, however, Cd’L has lined up several more shows this year. Check out more info on the Concours d’Lemons site here or just, you know, look at the dates below:

MAR 7: Concours d’Lemons Florida (Amelia Island, FL)
JUN 13: Concours d’Lemons New Jersey/HooptieCon (Millville, NJ)
JUL 25: Concours d’Lemons Michigan (Plymouth, MI)
AUG 15: Concours d’Lemons Monterey (Seaside, CA)
SEP 26: Concours d’Lemons Down Under (Adelaide, South Australia)

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