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2021 Concours d’Lemons Schedule

We really hope the pandemic hellscape is over by then and everyone can get back to enjoying crappy cars with friends

Florida Concours d’Lemons

May 22, 2021

Main Beach Park – 32 North Fletcher Avenue – Fernandina Beach, FL – 32034

NorthWorst Concours d’Lemons

June 12, 2021

Griot’s Garage – 3333 S 38th St – Tacoma, WA – 98409

Michigan Concours d’Lemons

July 24, 2021

The Inn at St. John’s – 44045 Five Mile Road – Plymouth, MI – 48170

California Concours d’Lemons

Aug 14, 2021

440 Harcourt Avenue – Seaside, CA 93955

Kansas City Concours d’Lemons


Location – somewhere near a BBQ joint


Canadian Concours d’Lemons


Location – a really cool place where the moose wont bother us


Inaugural P(into) G(remlin) A(mc) Miniature Golf Tournament

The Inaugural P(into) G(remlin) A(mc) Miniature Golf Tournament will take place during the 2021 Florida Concours d’Lemons on May 22, 2021 12noon-4pm at Main Beach Park, Fernandina Beach, FL. Each car entry will receive a token good for a round of miniature golf at the immediately adjacent Putt Putt Amelia Island course. Other shows happen on golf courses, but none let you play during the event. Concours d’Lemons leads the way in car show entertainment yet again. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER YOUR HOOPTIE   Amelia Island Putt Putt Golf Course

Wrong Parts! – 1977 AMC Pacer

Towed Home – 1977 AMC Pacer


1977 Pacer – 1st drive in 20+ years

1977 Pacer – On the Road Again – Episode 1

Virtually Awful Concours d’Lemons – Winners and Photos

Virtually Awful Concours d’Lemons Judging

Double Headed Honda

Yugos on the Gumball 3000

Lemony Cars at Scottsdale Auctions 2019

For Participants

You sure you wanna join us at an event? Here’s the details on vehicle registrations, how you’ll be judged, and our various collection of “awards.”

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Classes and Judging

For Spectators

Spectators are free, that way you get what you pay for, perhaps a little less. Get a tetanus shot, bring your sense of humor and take it all in.