A Message From Lemons About COVID-19


From Lemons HQ:

Like everyone else, we don’t know yet how COVID-19 will affect things. We are not in constant communication with the CDC and the World Health Organization (sorry), but we are trying to get all the good info we can in real time. When we know something useful, you’ll know it too.

Despite outward appearances, Lemons really doesn’t want you to die. Right now we don’t think COVID-19 makes outdoor car races and road rallies noticeably riskier and we aren’t expecting to cancel or shift any events. If that ever changes, however, captains will be able to choose whether to move their team’s fees or just have them refunded.

Our goal is to do the right thing with as much warning as possible—again, despite outward appearances. When there’s info worth sharing, I’ll hit you again.

Thanks and best,
Jay Lamm

P.S. Wash your danged hands.