COVID-19 UPDATE: Willow Springs, NOLA, and Autobahn Changed

Hi Again, Lemons Racers:

Just like you, we’ve watched COVID-19 hit American cities and med centers all week. So while we still think outdoor car racing is probably not a big vector, that’s really no longer the point.

We want to be racing. But we also need to accept our responsibility, and right now it appears that means keeping people distanced so that med workers, first responders, test kits, and other resources have a chance to keep up the crisis. I don’t wanna get sick, and you don’t wanna get sick, but what we really don’t want is everyone else getting sick and then not having the resources they need to get better.

Starting today, Lemons will stop racing for a month–ie Willow Springs, NOLA, and Autobahn are affected. We’re talking to tracks as I write this in hopes we can get quickly rescheduled.

In the meantime, teams in Willow, NOLA, and Autobahn can do three things:

1) Move the entries to a future race right away.
2) Wait a few days until any rescheduling gets resolved (that way, if the revised date works for your team, you won’t have to do anything else).
3) Give up and get a fee refund.

Team captains in the three affected races will get an email shortly with detailed instructions and links. Only team captains can indicate their team’s choice, so please work together (even if that’s the only time you work together) before deciding.

Thanks for being part of all this. It sucks, but at least we’ve got friends.

Best regards,

Jay Lamm
Chief Perp, 24 Hours of Lemons


P.S. Wash your danged hands and refrain from touching your face. And follow the CDC to get real COVID-19 information so you aren’t getting it from us idiots.