White Pony Dry named ‘Desperately Needed Absorbent of Lemons’

Experienced Lemons teams develop expertise in most of the important aspects of racing. We talk, of course, about preparing food in old valve covers, discounts for showing up on time(ish) with classifieds sellers, and—perhaps most crucially—ability to manage leaking fluids. It should come as no surprise, then, that a group of veteran Lemons racers have begun offering White Pony Absorbent Products. As such, Lemons has determined White Pony Dry to be “The Official, Desperately Needed Fluid Absorbent of Lemons.”

White Pony Dry “rapidly and effectively encapsulates, traps, and absorbs virtually all liquid spills from most surfaces.” That includes automotive fluids, obviously. However, the list of applications extends beyond cleaning up your ‘81 Monte Carlo’s territorial markings. White Pony can also clean up fluid messes in industrial, medical, food service, and tons of other applications.

Winter-garage wrenchfest on your leaky Mercedes diesel? White Pony will clean it. Saturday paddock-party-ending reversal of fortune? White Pony’s got that. Dropped your exhaust-manifold burrito? White Pony can’t stop the sadness, but it’ll absorb the guacamole off your shop floor.

White Pony
Lemons Racers Who Know Real Messes

You may know White Pony’s progenitors as experienced Lemons racers from Texas. Their hooptie stable has included a six-wheeled Toyota pickup and a Pontiac Montana minivan. They’ve also helped countless teams prepare other cars. In other words, they know their way around typical Lemons messes.

“Lemons is full of idiots who make big messes and, it turns out, the rest of the world is also full of mess-makin’ idiots,” said Richard Tomlin, Floor Sweeper of White Pony Absorbent Products. If White Pony is good enough for Lemons, then what more proof do you need that our product can clean up your dumbest messes?”

Lemons plans to walk the walk in 2020, too. You will find the 24 Hours of Lemons using White Pony Dry at races throughout 2020 to absorb the various Jaguar engine sweats and aerated Honda transmission guts.

“Lemons cars puke hot oil like frat boys puke White Claw,” said Lemons’ Chief Perp Jay Lamm. “There’s finally a better absorbent for both.”

You can order White Pony Dry directly or learn more about the company, their product, and their mission at WhitePonyDry.com. You can also follow them on Facebook and on Instagram.